Landscape paintings called "Veduten"

In the 18th century J.J. Rousseau and A. von Haller described the beauty of the Alps. With the early travellers on the Grand Tour paintings of the Bernese Oberland became desirable. Well known Swiss artists Johann Ludwig Aberli, Caspar Wolf, Johann Wäber, (in England known as John Webber, who accompanied Captain James Cook) and also the English artist J. M. William Turner painted the wonderful scenery, the mountains and specially the waterfalls. With increasing numbers of tourists, paintings became very popular. Photography was still very rare in these days the first Kodak camera was launched in 1888. As the mountains and the waterfalls impressed the tourists, paintings became an important souvenir. Ferdinand Sommer moved 1855 to Thune and painted landscapes. They became very popular. He offered also painting lessons and soon there was a group of 40 locals, all painting landscapes in oil. Among them were A. Hänni (1845-1917) and Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918). Louis Hänni founded the first Souvenir Manufacture and sold artwork paintings, pottery and wood carvings to people from all over the world.

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